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Improving Your Carbon Intensity Value Chain
Thursday, November 2, 2023 | 2:00 PM CDT

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Tom Bryan
President & Editor-in-Chief,
Ethanol Producer Magazine

Daniel Jones
Biofuels & Grains Industry Leader
Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions
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Delbert Grotewold
Renewable Fuels Subject Matter Expert
Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions
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In this session, Veolia examines the driving forces behind renewable fuels, the process to produce them from the feed tanks to final fuel, and the improvements that can be made to lower carbon intensity are more prominent in legislation every year. Processing and blending renewable fuels make sense economically and environmentally but can present operational challenges. Veolia will explore how renewable fuel producers can tackle these operational challenges within various areas of the process to improve CI Score without affecting productivity, including:
  • Feedstock storage, flexibility, and pretreatment
  • Process assets protection
  • Finished fuel specifications
  • Wastewater handling & Utility water systems
Veolia will also share a case study where a producer was able to avoid multiple shutdowns and increased fuel gas consumption caused by the high fouling potential of their renewable fuel feedstock in their equipment. This improvement enabled the producer to improve its CI Score while significantly increasing revenue by reducing Lost Profit Opportunity (LPO).

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